The Regional Finals Draw Near!

That’s it! The regional qualifiers are over, and hundreds of teams have duked it out, with just a handful making it. Now the next phase begins: The Regional Finals. Starting this weekend (7th August), Poland, Iberia and Italy, the Rest of Europe will begin their Rocket League battles, with the sole aim of beating each other to be one of the few teams to participate in the European Finals for a share of the prize winnings, and that champion crown! Catch the Action Live This Weekend Don’t miss a moment of the intense Rocket League action over this weekend. Watch teams like Monkasteer, who haven’t dropped a single match through the Regional Qualifiers, while others like White Demons, who with their recent addition, are going from strength to strength as an all-Spanish team! There’s trouble brewing, which is sure to spill over during the matches, as Lauty and Dave of Enterprise Esports compete for a place in the European Finals against Syracks, a member of 2AndAHalfCzechs. The trouble? Just months ago, they were playing together as a team in a previous tournament! Will friendships survive this bitter encounter on the pitch? Will the masterful mix of a Serbian, Croatian, and Englishman in Team BBs bring a dynamic that’s strong enough to win out against the other 11 teams taking to the field? Find out this weekend. You can follow all the action as it happens with our expert hosts across each of the three regions:

Rest of Europe
  7th August
  13:00 CEST

  7th August
  17:00 CEST

Iberia and Italy
  8th August
  17:00 CEST


If you’re wondering about your own region, don’t worry; once this weekend of action wraps up, it’ll be time to watch the other four regions go head-to-head. Benelux and France, the Nordics, the UK and Ireland, and DACH will compete next weekend (14th and 15th August), and then it’s onto the European Finals later this month! Who will you be cheering on? Who do you hope to see play it out for the crown in the finals? Who stands the most chance of winning? Make sure you tweet your predictions and tournament hopes to us at @OdysseyLeague, or stop by our official Discord server and have your say! We hope you enjoy this next stage of the Odyssey League Tournament, and may the best teams win!