The Odyssey G7 - G75T: Uncompromising Performance

As the Odyssey League for Rocket League kicks off, thousands will be both watching and playing intently throughout. The displays we game and view content on can mean the difference between a win and a loss, between entertainment and frustration. Odyssey gaming monitors always deliver uncompromising performance for gamers of all types. Whether you’re intent on being the best in competitive titles like Rocket League, Counter-Strike, or Valorant, or you prefer immersive, single-player experiences like Metro: Exodus and Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, an Odyssey monitor can make all the difference. The Odyssey G7 – G75T: A 27 or 32-inch Curved Window to Your Games  
  The Odyssey G7 – G75T is a versatile monitor offering an amazing gaming experience you’ll love, whatever you’re playing. From its 1440P resolution backed by quantum-dot QLED lighting and HDR600 support, to a contrast ratio of 2,500:1 that results in inky blacks and vivid details in shadows. Dark scenes pop from the screen, breathing life into dark and moody moments during your games, and giving new atmosphere to dark or dimly-lit rooms.  
  You’ll find a lot to love when it comes to pure gaming performance as well, with the outstanding 1ms GtG response time and fast 240Hz refresh rate that ensures silky smooth and responsive gameplay, perfect for when you’re boosting around the Rocket League pitch or in the middle of a hectic firefight in Battle Royale games! Add in NVIDIA® G-Sync® compatibility and AMD’s FreeSync variable refresh rate (VRR) technology, and you can play on knowing that not only will your gameplay be responsive, it’ll also be a tear-free, smooth experience. All this adds up to gameplay that’s perfect for games that require fast reactions and zero interruptions – so you can do what you do best. Win. The curved screen, measured at 1000R and matching the contours of the human eye, delivers incredible realism, filling your peripheral vision. For competitive gamers, this results in an awareness of everything that’s happening around you in-game; say goodbye to missed goal opportunities or unwanted surprises. Enjoy the immersive viewing experience the 1000R curved screen provides, ensuring nothing escapes your attention.  
  The Odyssey G7 – G75T comes with our signature Core lighting design, that can create colours in 5 distinct modes to the rear of the display. Stick with the default ice blue for a cool, focused vibe, or personalise your gaming set-up to match your mood. A variety of inputs including HDMI 2.0, Display Port 1.4 with DSC, a headphone jack, and dual USB 3.0 hub together with the fully ergonomic stand ensure you can plug and play with ease. Whether you enjoy participating in or watching this year’s Odyssey League, take some time to discover the display products that will power the finals later this year, and upgrade the way you play. Discover the Odyssey G7 – G75T: