The Regional Finals Are Over. The Last Chance Qualifiers Are Next!

  After two hotly-contested weekends of Rocket League action, our seven regions have their first-place finalists. Soon, they’ll be competing in the European Finals on the 28th August, broadcasted by our excellent hosts, Johnnyboi and Shogun!  
Winners Prizes
  But before that, let’s look at each region, who’s heading on to fight for that first-place position, and who we’ll be watching this weekend in those Last Chance play-offs!  
Rest of Europe
In the Rest of Europe, it came down to Enterprise and Team BBs; a close match, Enterprise managed to pull the match to a close with a 3-1 result. Team BBs kept the matches tight, and will represent a tough challenge in the Last Chance Qualifiers!  
monkaSTEER, a team of relatively unknown players, absolutely dominated their matches, with 3-0, 4-0, and 8-1 results during the Regional Finals. It’ll be Monday Drivers heading to the Last Chance Qualifiers, and able to hold their own, we’re expecting to see some fierce competition from them!  
White Demons, the all-Spanish team, proceed to the European Qualifiers having overcome Violencia in a surprise reverse sweep with a last-second goal in their third game. It’ll be Violencia we’ll see in the Last Chance Qualifiers from this region, and with a reverse sweep of their own in a Regional Finals match, they’ll be one to watch.  
German Amigos sail on through to the European Finals, posing a massive threat to the other finalists, particularly with a win in the Community Open recently under their belt. Some are predicting it’s the German Amigos we’ll see in that top spot, but with those other teams as eager to claim first place, it’s not going to go easy for the Amigos. BS+Competition are the team heading to the Last Chance Qualifiers for the DACH region.  
The Flying Dutchman are looking are looking super-strong, comprised of a team of Rocket League veterans. With only some minor struggles in their first game and some clean 3-0 sweeps, they now move on through to the European Finals. Sick! Fell to The Flying Dutchman in their recent match 0-3, so will we witness their comeback in the Last Chance Qualifiers? Stay tuned to find out!  
BFH are another team of Rocket League pros, so with plenty of experience, we’re expecting to see great things. Sure, it took them a little time to warm up, but with a surprising reverse sweep, they’ve pulled it off. Can they go all the way? We’ll find out soon! Madness are the UK/Ireland team heading to the Last Chance Qualifiers this weekend!  
Mustu Fluck held their own throughout the Regional Finals and are the final team heading straight on through to the European Finals later this month. Last but by no means least, it’ll be AW3 Esports making their way to the Last Chance Qualifiers this weekend, fighting the other six teams for that chance for a place in the European Finals. Which Last Chance team will come out on top? Who will go on to compete with the finalists from each region? Who will be the Odyssey League Champion of 2021? Keep an eye open for which team comes out on top in the Last Chance Qualifiers this weekend, and get ready for those Finals, because they’re almost here, and you won’t want to miss a second!