And The Winner of the Samsung Odyssey League 2021 Is…

Weeks of action. Bitter fights to climb through the stages. Dozens of teams left in their wake. A small handful of elite teams sat down last weekend to play, to decide their places on the podium and crown one team the champions. Miss any of the action? Not to worry. We’re delving into the European Finals weekend right here, and giving you the rundown on some of the matches, and reveal the ultimate winner of this year’s Samsung Odyssey League.  
Game #1: German Amigos Vs. Mustu Fluck
With a strong early game, Mustu Fluck put up a good fight against German Amigo’s aggressive playstyle. However, the Amigos managed to chip away at Mustu’s defenses, resulting in a close 2-1 first game:  
  The second game quickly devolved into a roll for the German Amigos; it seems their aggression paid off for them, netting a 4-0 result. It didn’t hurt having some very clean plays by the likes of Cataclysm, dropping goals and avoiding Mustu’s defences!  
Game #2: BFH Vs. White Demons
A close first game between these two teams is what we encountered, with BFH taking the upper hand in overtime, bringing them a tidy 1-0 win in the first game. Enjoy this spectacular save from BFH’s Flame:  
  Game two delivered another close result between the two teams, though this time it was White Demons who took the game. As you’ll see in the clip below, smart teamwork with DORITO scoring while CRR blocks BFH, is what clinched this result for the team: BFH went on to win the remaining matches with strong teamwork and coordination winning the day.  
Game #3: German Amigos Vs. BFH
Our two leading teams went at it in this match, and with the winner guaranteed a place in the final for 1st place (and the accompanying prizes), it’s no surprise. German Amigos were the favourites to win this one, but BFH were having none of it; the first game saw BFH one-up the Amigos, despite clean double-taps like this one from Rizex45:  
  Entering the subsequent games, BFH’s luck quickly ran out. Apparently pulling their socks up ready for battle, the Amigos steamrolled their way through game two, winning 3-0, and holding a 3-goal line through the other two games (3-1 and 3-2).  
Game #4 (The Fight for a Top 3 Position): Mustu Fluck Vs. White Demons
A scrappy match with no clear lead, both teams went at it throughout this one, with great goals, near misses, and a final result that saw Mustu clinch it, with several OT goal moments:  
  From here, Mustu Fluck are locked in for a top 3 position, while White Demons walk away with their heads held high at 4th position, along with €750 as their tournament winnings!  
Game #5 (Who Enters the Finals Against the German Amigos?): BFH Vs. Mustu Fluck
Who’s going to the finals against the German Amigos? It was this match that decided that question. Game 1 started off tight, with neither team giving an inch. It was only at the last second BFH’s Hibbs managed to clear the entire pitch with just 7 seconds left on the clock, securing the game for his team:  
Whether BFH got confident from this point onwards, or Mustu Fluck stepped up their game, it’s from this point where Mustu started to dominate this match; a 2-0 for Mustu was quickly followed by a third match that decimated BFH 7-0.  
  Ultimately, it was Mustu Fluck who went on to the finals after a grueling locker bracket run, to face the German Amigos once more. BFH claimed their winnings of €1,750 and left with a respectable 3rd place finish.  
Game #6 (It All Comes Down to This): German Amigos Vs. Mustu Fluck
The final game of the tournament, and the moment where our champions were decided. An Amigo-dominated first game saw the team run over Mustu Fluck without mercy, delivering an intimidating 9-1 result, thanks to masterfully juggled goals like this one from Ivn:  
    Game 2 was much closer, though still saw Mustu Fluck lose out 0-1 against the Amigos. After the smoke cleared on this match, it was the German Amigos and their masterful skill at a game of Rocket League that walked away with the champion title, winning 3 straight games against Mustu Fluck.  
Your Odyssey League 2021 Champions Are: The German Amigos
The German Amigos are this year’s Odyssey League 2021 champions, winning a staggering €15,000 between them, while Mustu Fluck claim 2nd place and €7,500. Additionally, both 3-player teams claimed their Odyssey prizes; an Odyssey G5 monitor per player! It was an incredible weekend of action to round off a month and a half of incredible Rocket League action! Thanks to all the teams who entered and played throughout, and also to the fans who have followed their teams throughout the competition! We hope to see competitors return for the next Odyssey League tournament soon, but in the meantime stay tuned via Odyssey League’s Twitter and Discord server!